Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Goodbye Uncle Tom

Goodbye Uncle Tom  was banned in America around 1971. It was mostly viewed in foreign markets outside the reach and shame of white Americans. There was a great fear that it could spark a revolution among African Americans. Goodbye Uncle Tom is a graphic, painful, horrible, true look at slavery in America; in all it's ugly detail. Alex Haley's ROOTS would be considered watered down when compared to the historical records regarding the treatment of slaves.
Two French directors used the diaries, captains logs, and memoirs of the actual slave masters, clergy, doctors, and slave ship captains to turn their words and feelings into a script. They then bring these inhuman slave masters back to life on screen. The result is a shocking denial of history white-
folks never wanted revealed. Because of the graphic nudity and gut-wrenching scenes, you may want to view it by yourself before recommending it to your family or friends.

                                                                 - Xavier James 


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