The Irritated Genie of Soufeese

By Xavier James

What can you say about a man who will sacrifice a six-figure
government job with benefits to do- what he loves and believes in?
A SOLDIER. If I was introduced to his work a few years ago he would
have made my top ten. It is with passion and commitment that he delivers
his well researched lectures.

His detractors have never been in a position to choose between taking care of their
family and bringing home $2,500 dollars a week with health and dental or fighting racism white supremacy-putting your name and safety on the line. He's not an agent and if you're offended -Prove him wrong. Here are three of his best:

*From the Plantation to the Pulpit: An excellent  and documented must see!

*Genocide: An excellent and documented must see!

*The Effeminization of Black Males: An excellent and documented must see!

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